Infant Nutrition and Baby Led Feeding

Baby led feeding is a popular feeding strategy used when starting to introduce solids to your infant. Baby led feeding is a relaxed approached to baby-led weaning (BLW). Baby led feeding is a easy way to provide food to your baby that encourages competent eaters and helps your baby develop a healthy relationship with food. Our "Introducing Solids Class" covers everything parents need to know about feeding your baby and preventing dinner time struggles. In this class we discuss Elynn Satters "Division of Responsibility" and how you can apply the simple strategies to your family meals and feel confident that you are doing your part as a parent to ensure your baby grows predictably. These eating behaviours set familys up for success down the road and prevent picky eating in toddlers.

In this class we will also review all things nutrition related. We will discuss exactly what baby needs, when and how much. This class covers all the hot topics of cow vs. plant based milk supplements, why to avoid honey and when to introduce foods such as peanut butter and shellfish.  Baby led feeding then is discussed in depth. Will will review first foods, textures and amounts. How to introduce solid foods and what you need to know about choking vs. gagging. We will provide food suggestion for a varietly of finger foods and meals and how to cook or prepare these foods. No blender needed! We will also walk through the stages from 6-15months of age and appropriate food choices  and which meals when. Click the link below to register and receive your list of 100 foods to feed to baby before they are one!

The benefits to baby led feeding:

  • recognizes hunger and fullness cues

  • no spoon feeding

  • no purees or extensive food prep needed

  • discourages picky eating

  • no separate baby and grown up meals

  • great sensory exploration

  • provides variety of textures

  • provides variety of foods

  • improves oral motor skills

The disadvantages of baby led feeding:

  • Yes, it gets messy when babies feed themselves!

Baby led feeding is a feeding method where you

provide an array of textures to your baby,

with a very strong focus on finger foods. 


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Introducing Solids: A Baby Led Feeding Approach
Oct. 23, 2020, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Virtual Zoom Event